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Coming to Wrigleyville
April 2014!  

The Baseball Card King is excited to announce our 5th full-size location will be opening early April 2014 a block away from Wrigley Field!

The Baseball Card King 
That's right Cubs fans, here we come! 

We will be opening at
3761 N. Racine
Chicago, IL 60613

A block from Wrigley Field, 20 feet from the Cubs' "Green Lot"!

Our new location will carry a full line of products from packed shelves of wax to supplies and display cases filled with vintage and modern singles, to signed memorabilia and rare collectibles!  We also have numerous autograph signings in the works for our new location!


We are looking for responsible, reliable, honest and friendly people. 
The Baseball Card King is an equal opportunity employer. 
ALL employees will be required to adhere to the following: 
You MUST be at least 18 years old.  You MUST be on time for your shift ALWAYS (no exceptions or excuses!). You should be able to stand for most of your shift (many times the entire shift).  You must be professional in appearance and demeanor at all times.  You should have excellent communication skills, and a firm grasp of simple math.  You must be excellent at multi-tasking in order to handle numerous customers and tasks simultaneously.  You will need to be diligent in learning our product lines inside and out in order that you can confidently and accurately answer customer questions.  Additional requirements will be discussed at your interview.

If you qualify, APPLY FOR A POSITION now. 

Do NOT call us regarding your application. We will review all online applications and contact those we're interested in. 

The Baseball Card King Honored as

Newest Panini Roundtable Store of the Month!



As seen in the Southwest News-Herald following our Nate Jones signing...

By RAY HANANIA • Friday, August 31, 2012

My son Aaron is a typical kid. He spends much time in one place playing Xbox and Wii, or gaming and researching on his computer or his iPad. That’s why I love that he’s active in sports, something I was never active in. When I was a kid in the 1950s, sports was expensive. It was expensive to go to the games, to buy the baseball cards, and really expensive to collect autographs. My dad didn’t have a lot of money but I did go to a White Sox game once in the 1950s. I enjoyed the hot dogs but didn’t pay much attention to the game.

I couldn’t afford to collect the baseball cards. When I could squirrel away a Roosevelt Dime, I’d buy a pack of “Mars Attacks” cards. It wasn’t often. (Back then Mercury Dimes were in circulation and I collected them.)  My son plays baseball. When I look past the politics of the OYA and other Southwest suburban baseball leagues that seem to circumvent rules to clout kids onto the best teams, you can still enjoy Little League sports.
The best thing I can do for him is to feed that love of sports, and get him out of the house and away from computers.

On Saturday, I took Aaron to the Baseball Card King shop in Oak Lawn at 5205 W. 95th St. White Sox rookie pitcher Nate Jones, who pitched twice this weekend, was there signing autographs. The Baseball Card King has a great staff. Jason and RJ are just two of the clerks at the store who are great sports memorabilia historians. They love kids and, like the best athletes, take the time to talk to today’s kids.
Jones and the store staff were very generous to the kids who lined up with their fathers to get his autograph. Jones chatted with the kids, posed for pictures with them, and made them feel like they were important. The kids in the line were all excited.

Jones is the future of baseball, a tall kid from Kentucky who made the big time. It’s his first year. Who knows how far he will go with his career. But with his bright attitude, I hope he goes far. You could see it on his face. Broad smile. Shaking hands. Always focused on the fans.

I’ve been to autograph sessions in which the athletes spend most of their time autographing memorabilia for insiders, while the fans have to over-wait in long, uncomfortable lines. Sadly, politics infects everything. I know. I’ve covered politics for 36 years. But Jones and the Baseball Card King were all about the fans.

If you get a chance, check out the Baseball Card King. My son could spend hours there checking out all the autographed baseball cards, baseballs, magazines, helmets and bats. Say hi to Jason and RJ. They’re great guys and they love to help the kids. In fact, parents need to spend more time with their kids. The Baseball Card King is a great place to do it at. Take your sons or daughters. Girls love sports, too. They were in line getting autographs, too.

It’s a different world today from when I w
as a kid back in the 1950s and 1960s. Baseball, good sportsmanship and having a smile that can’t be erased help make it a better world.

(Listen to Ray Hanania every Sunday on Radio at 1240 AM WSBC and 1470 AM WCFJ.

"I came to your store the week of the 4th of July looking to finish my 1995 Fleer set. The guy that helped me was so very helpful and a super nice guy. He let my mother get off her feet and sit. My dad, son and I looked around. Your store is probably the nicest card shop I've been in."
- Kevin C.

"We had a great time!!! Looking forward to the next pack war!!!"
- Noe', Noah and Jacob.

"Been in the shop so many times! I love that place even if I don't buy anything. Everyone is helpful and kind!"
- Steve E.

"I bought so many cards there this week, I puked."
- Golden Boy

"Brian, Chris and Jeff,
I wanted to take a minute of your busy day and thank you all for your continued friendship and outstanding customer service. We enjoyed our trip into the store on Saturday for the Keith Ortega signing and the many single cards and card box we bought. When all three of you are so nice, friendly and helpful, the long drive there and back, doesn't seem quite as long! All of us in my family are always so happy to come into your store(s). You guys continue to set the bar high for all the card shops in the Midwest, and I don't see a chance anyone will ever come close to you! Thanks again for all you do and have a great week."

- John O'Meara



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